Welcome to VIZAGroup!

VIZA Group is a commercial real estate brokerage that specializes in commercial office space leasing and sales in Manhattan. We represent NYC tenants and buyers, and our brokerage services are “NO FEE”.


For New York businesses that are looking for the best commercial real estate deals in Manhattan, our company is #1 choice because:


  1. We closely monitor NYC office space prices and trends in real time!
  2. We have access to all NYC spaces and landlords, and know what to expect!
  3. We never push our customers: our spaces lease or sell themselves!
  4. We use effective negotiation techniques and create real value for our customers’ businesses!
  5. We do not charge our customers as vast majority of our listings are “NO FEE”!
  6. We have a proven track record of done deals and success stories!
  7. We know how to eliminate deal-breakers in the hardest transactions!
  8. We know the best deals on market, and do not waste anyone’s time!
  9. We listen to our customers and always find exactly what they are looking for!
  10. We guarantee the best service in New York City!


Your office space search can be a fun and enjoyable ride! Call us and buckle up!